Helping You See From a Woman’s Perspective.

LeadNOW helps women identify, manage & navigate through her personal, social and enterprise spheres successfully. 

What We Do

LeadNOW offers comprehensive solutions to address challenges of retention, advancement, and representation of women across organisational levels.

Our solutions are derived from her worldview. We help her tackle a broad range of issues using well-tailored programs that are a mix of assessments, skill-based training, and coaching modules that are thoughtfully sequenced and paced. These programs are in fact, journeys that we handhold her through, serving as a mentor, guide, and a friend she can trust.

All of this is powered by the LeadNOW Technology Platform that combines the digital advantages of scale with a warm human touch.

Gender Solutions

We provide a rich set of phygital solutions for your women talent to start, re-start, stay, and soar in their careers.                             

D&I Roadmap

To know where your organisation is on the D&I curve, talk to us for creating a roadmap for you by using our research-based methodologies.

What pattern do you see in the kaleidoscope of your life?

Just as the three mirrors in a kaleidoscope turn and reshape into new arrangements, women must shift the pattern of the careers to suit the roles and relationships in all spheres of their lives.

Why LeadNOW

LeadNOW helps create equitable workplaces using data driven methodologies to produce surprising insights and hotspots. Its repository of tested and proven research tools such as the Wheel-of-Life, Career Anchor Scan and the VoiceNOW Survey help organisations understand what women think with regard to practices, policies and processes. We help make recommendations for a gender inclusive workplace.





Our Clients 


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Sekai Solutions Pvt Ltd.

With deep experience in running businesses, human resources, and technology, Sekai Solutions is a firm founded by women entrepreneurs. The business principles for Sekai are propelled by the vision to enhance the ability of women to accomplish her life choices, help her focus on her overall well-being, and provide her with a product that can act as a force multiplier through a combination of offerings.

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